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As the oil and gas industry is expected to face essential changes during the coming decades, new technology and a close working relationship between oil & gas companies and their suppliers is key to secure a steady supply while limiting the impact on the environment.

Oil & Gas Reinvented Community is designed to connect a wide range of stakeholders related to the oil & gas industry. The aim is to foster partnerships, share ideas and discuss innovations that deserve a wider audience, especially outside the sector.

Latest News

21.12.2016 | From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

On November 28rd the Steering Committee held its progress meeting at Shell  to prepare for the next event. The SC is planning a next event on March 30, 2017, with a focus on the impact of Big Data in Oil and Gas. A very promising area with much to learn from other markets where big data has found its application and added value. Interesting to discuss what the impact will be for the oil and gas sector. We are now inviting external speakers for the event. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by mail and we will take it into consideration.

Another important development of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community is that we have decided to completely renew the internet site of our community, to make it more dynamic, fit for purpose and interactive for our members. We have selected a new partner who will start before the end of the year to build the new site. You will be informed when it is launched in Q1 2017.

In the area of system integration of offshore energy a lot is happening. The World Energy Council is preparing a study on the economic value of system integration options for the North Sea. We are contributing to the study and provide background information from our recent study on System Integration Offshore Energy (SIOE) of TNO, EBN, Shell and TNO. An invitation was sent to all members of the oil and gas reinvented community for the high level event organized by the World Energy Council on Jan 24, 2017 where the intermediate results will be presented. Meanwhile, also a new project proposal to work on North Sea Energy has received funding of Topsector Energy. More information will be shared at the next working group of Offshore Energy.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee organized a brainstorm session supported by Marit Brommer, external consultant, on the future strategy and communication of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community with some inspiring ideas. You will find out when our new website will be live!

Looking forward to meeting you on our next event and meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments,

Best regards,

Rene Peters on behalf of the SC Oil & Gas Reinvented

21.11.2016 | From the Steering Committee Oil & Gas Reinvented

A few days ago the Steering Committee held its progress meeting at Shell. The SC looked back at the event at the Shell Technology Center in Amsterdam on October 27th. We started with plenaries on "Power to gas" and "Plastic Soup" followed by working group meetings. The working groups have been very energetic, in particular the Young Professionals who played the "Energy Game" developed by Shell. "Offshore energy" was advancing the evening program, and looking further down the road, whilst CCUS presented material for CCS alternatives for the coal power plants on the Maasvlakte. "Digital oil & gas Fields" strives to get concrete projects off the ground, which seems to be very challenging.

The theme of the plenary, system integration off shore energy, worked out well in compelling approaches for energy production from the North Sea area. Presentations from Dong on wind energy and EBN on oil and gas infrastructure, the pitches of the nominated award winners of the energy challenge on re-use of existing platforms and the presentation of the results of the system integration study showed a consistent view on the topic. In addition, the 2050 – An Energetic Odyssey and the panel reflecting upon future sustainable developments, completed the evening before drinks and dinner. All in all the SC expresses a big thank you to all participants and organizers for their highly valued contributions.

The SC discussed future themes and has chosen "Big Data" in oil & gas as the theme for Spring 2017, and is looking forward to create a high quality event for our community. To be continued, and suggestions on this topic are – as always – very welcome.

Last but not least our good housekeeping: our IT-platform needs improvement regarding the communications and ease of use by our community members. The SC has decided to build a new internet platform taking into account the learning from experience over the past 3 years.

Looking forward to meeting you on our next event and meanwhile happy to receiving your feedback or comments,

Best regards,

Ewald Breunesse on behalf of the SC Oil & Gas Reinvented

27.10.2016 | The benefits of System Integration in North Sea Energy

Major challenges lie ahead for the international community in the wake of the Paris agreement (UN 2015) if CO2 emissions are to be substantially reduced and global temperature increase limited to no more than 1.5°C. The answer lies in a fast transition to a new, low-carbon energy system. The Dutch North Sea is an area where this energy transition is actually materialising, with the current strong ramp-up of wind energy. This study shows the benefit of finding synergies between offshore oil and gas infrastructure and offshore wind to accelerate the position of the Northsea as a clean source of energy for the Netherlands.

The study carried out by TNO, EBN, Shell and Siemens describes the options and gives examples of opportunities if innovative efforts are accelerated in the Dutch offshore energy domain and sets a framework in which innovation could be executed to realise an integrated energy system. While this report considers only the Dutch part of the North Sea, logically, in the long term, international connection and integration in the offshore sector is desirable, if not vital.

To be able to download the project status System Integration in Offshore Energy - please log in!

06.10.2016 | Highlights from the Steering Board meeting of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community

Preparations for the next meeting to be held at Shell Research Centre in Amsterdam on 27th October are on track and all presenters have confirmed their participation.

The famous radio and television host and strong believer in the Energy transition Jan Douwe Kroeske will be the moderator.

The North Sea Energy Challenge is in execution mode - for further information please look at the post below or go to www.northsea-energy-challenge.com.


We see that especially the youngsters of the companies are very active on this platform and we have already more than 38 ideas, but we need your support, so please contribute and spread the news, there are only a few days left until the final deadline on 20st of October!

We are also busy with the awards for the 3 winners of the best idea’s of this challenge. Marjan van Loon (President Director Shell The Netherlands) will hand over the awards to the winners of our challenge.

We are also busy with the working group for our youngsters who will meet each other for the second time during our meeting in the afternoon. Ewald Breunesse (Shell) and Alfonso Dozzi (Shell) are preparing an inspiring workshop, together with other Shell colleagues.

We will also invite our press, so you are prepared, members, and of course - don’t forget to register for our meeting on 27th of October!

Regards, Jan Prins (Siemens)

01.10.2016 | Highlights from the Steering Board meeting of the Oil and Gas Reinvented Community
Preparations for the next meeting to be held at Shell Research in Amsterdam om October 27 are ongoing, most presenters have confirmed their participation, among which Jan Willem van Hoogstraten of EBN and Jasper Vis of DONG, Marjan van Loon of Shell will open the event and discuss about the future innovation program on Northsea Energy.

We are looking forward to another successful event of the community, this time about North Sea Energy.


Meanwhile, also the North Sea Energy Challenge has started, a joint initiative of TNO, Shell, Siemens and KPMG.

The challenge has the objective to find innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to reuse the oil and gas infrastructure in the North Sea in combination for offshore renewable energy. Together with Jan Prins and Ewald Breunesse, we have use some time of the steering board meeting to take a video clip to promote the platform. You will find it here:

www.northsea-energy-challenge.com Please join the challenge!

The North Sea Energy Challenge

Join and accelerate the energy transition in the North Sea!

“How can we create synergy between the existing oil and gas infrastructure in the North Sea and tomorrow’s renewable energy sources to accelerate new energy systems?”

Go to www.northsea-energy-challenge.com and sign up - now you can share your idea and enrich the ideas of other experts!

Everything is possible; large initiatives, small activities or creative concepts. The best idea will be pitched at the next Oil and Gas Reinvented Community meeting on October 27 at the Shell Lab in Amsterdam!

The most-promising ideas will be given the opportunity to further develop their ideas in cooperation with TNO and the innovation programme of TKI gas Topsector Energie.

You can share and enrich ideas until October 20th.

The North Sea is full of energy so join us in this challenge. We wish you an exciting journey and we are looking forward to meeting you all on 27th October in Amsterdam. Best regards from the Oil and Gas Reinvented steering committee, Ewald Breunesse (Shell), Jan Prins (Siemens) and René Peters (TNO).

The Future of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
Community Members,

Thank you all for your attendance and your contribution to our last event “The Future of CCUS”.

Considering the feedback during the day, we think that this meeting was again a big success - and we are looking forward to the next one coming up in October.

Please log in to see images and presentations of the event.

Further questions, ideas, or feedback? Just write us an email. Thank you for your support.

The Future of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
   New event right ahead: Join us at our next event on the 23th of June at the Meeting Center New Babylon in The Hague.

The overall theme will be Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage.

Please click here for more information 

Game Changers in Oil & Gas
Dear Community Members,

We want to thank you all for your proactive contribution in the Oil & Gas Reinvented Community. Your interest and your strong attendance made our last event “Game Changers in Oil & Gas” become a great success. 

Please log in to be able to see images, short videos of the working group leaders, summarizing the outcomes of their working group sessions, and all of the presentations held.

20.10.2015 | Next steps for the Energy transition

Thank you all for joining us on 14th October at Shells Technology Center in Amsterdam.
We are very pleased that the event turned out to be a great success, and that the feedback we got was very positive.

The presentations will be published on this website as soon as possible, and we are also working on the preparation of further actions – we will keep you informed!

Upcoming Event | Next steps for the Energy transition
Save the date and join us at our next event on behalf of this years Offshore Energy.

Beside an introduction of the innovation program on System Integration and the new R&D call in the Topsector Energy we will share some practical experiences of oil and gas operators with connecting their oil and gas operations with renewable energy sources.
Participate in our Community Network and discuss on the challenges with a focus on system integration with the objective to learn about opportunities for collaborative innovation.

Click here for more information.

We are looking forward to see you there!
Website Launch
We are proud to present our new website...

It is supposed to display some information about Oil & Gas Reinvented Community - who we are and what we do. Beside being just an information platform it also includes the possibility to register for upcoming events easily. And in the forum community members can also interact and exchange ideas. Just have a look around...